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When we decided to change, we knew that we were at the start of a brand new path. This issue represents another big step forward that brings us closer to our goal. We want to enjoy every single moment of this journey, improving ourselves from time to time, and working together to a project that keeps exciting us. Day after day, we discover new realities to explore and new people to work with. Focus ON 13 is linked to being Smart: cities, tools, communities…the technological intelligence meets a paramount care and respect for the environment.

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It is finally summer! While consumers go on vacation, brands are facing probably the most challenging season to keep their engagement rate high. In this issue, we will talk about summer road shows, customer activation, festivals and terraces in Milan where to welcome this beautiful season with a trendy happy hour. We will also discover the values of Street Art, the projects in store for the city of Salerno and much more! And what better issue to show you the most beautiful beaches in the world?

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Focus ON renovates with issue n.11, which marks the progress of an editorial project that keeps adding high-quality contents, topics, editors and spokespersons. The magazine starts again from Milan, a city that is changing every day and organizes its activities in thematic weeks. We’ll discover how a fork can inspire an artist and we’ll meet the Municipality to start a dialogue between the Public Administration and the events business.

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Tenth edition, first issue in double figures. An important objective for the magazine, which presents an interesting roundtable with communication experts, regarding what is going to happen during the year that just started. The editorial staff then peeked into Las Vegas CES, met two “behind the scenes” professionals, talked about Millennials and food…then they left for Istria, losing themselves between the pages of Mice News column.

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Focus ON n.9: the last issue for a 2016 full of events that underlined an important change of path in the way we communicate. 365 days in which we discovered one new giant of entertainment, we witnessed the WOBI forum in Milan and many creative projects brought the Italian ballet in pole position. The ninth issue of Focus ON closes a special year from which it takes teachings, ideas, and opinions to share with readers a point of view on this ever-changing world.

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Focus ON investigated on the sponsorship world. A topic that lives of actions that are sometimes obvious, and often hidden. In this issue we gave space to a NPO that supports young blind people, we interviewed a famous contemporary artist (no spoiler, discover it yourself page after page!) we went to Venice for the Film Festival and discovered the South Ari Atoll’s beauty. It is an enigmatic issue this one, enriched with light and dark and impossible paths. Just like Escher’s artworks, the inspiration for the cover.

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Lobby: a hot topic for Focus ON summer issue. We interviewed 4 managers on lobby’s mechanisms – more or less secret – but the less politically correct questions, we kept them in our Maverick’s Corner. We left for the USA for the IPW 2016, then we reached Cannes where the International Festival of Creativity; and finally the Dominican Republic in the pages of Mice News. Focus ON Art will surprise you with the troublesome relationships between artists and patrons.

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Live or Alive? This is the question that opens the new issue of Focus ON about Live Communication. We gathered and shared the visions of important opinion leaders of this sector, then we traveled the world of magic to discover an alternative coach. Finally, we analyzed the importance of CRM and Project Management for companies. Always present the Mice News and Focus ON art columns, together with the Maverick’s Corner.

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Focus ON and the Social Media Strategy. Many interventions about business trends and strategies and how medias effect our everyday life, including our way to do shopping online. Then the Mice News and two editorial news: Focus ON Art and the Maverick’s corner. The first one will discuss about how art is becoming more and more a communication tool and the latter to consider a different point of view on the magazine’s main theme.

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Focus ON is interactive, bilingual, and finally online. We used augmented reality to create the amazing cover of the magazine. In this issue we’ll talk about the CSR, travels and discoveries. We’ll play the modern version of the hangman game and we’ll share some disruptive ideas.

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Focus ON and the importance of brand reputation. One analysis on EXPO2015 and some questions about the impact that technologies have on our everyday lives. Big news of this issue: the Mice News page, tidbits about hospitality, accommodations and Mice Events.


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In this issue of Focus ON: Changes.
We will start in Milan, talking about the challenge of EXPO2015, then we’ll go to Venice and see what happened during the Venice Film Festival that inspired some of Sinergie impressive art directors. Some important pages are dedicated to AGOL, the Italian association of young opinion leaders, and to Sinergie logistic and sales departments. Everything changes, and we’ll tell you know how.

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We want to share with you our passion for what we do and we want you to be updated on what is going on in the events world, that’s why we created Focus ON. Focus ON is not just an House Organ for Sinergie Group, is a real magazine. We will keep you posted with the latest news and trends of this ever changing business and with the company’s projects and ideas.