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We keep our eyes and mind open to grasp the changes of an ever-changing market. We are some curious professionals who contribute to a bimestrial magazine that speaks to those who share our same passions. We are creative people and sometimes we swim against the current. We strongly believe in dialogue but also in taking some time off, which allows us to make a point and to create high quality contents. When everyone seems in a rush we slow down, offering a valuable point of view on the event industry (and other businesses).



Magazine n.12

It is finally summer! While consumers go on vacation, brands are facing probably the most challenging season to keep their engagement rate high. In this issue, we will talk about summer road shows, customer activation, festivals and terraces in Milan where to welcome this beautiful season with a trendy happy hour. We will also discover the values of Street Art, the projects in store for the city of Salerno and much more! And what better issue to show you the most beautiful beaches in the world?

Magazine n.11

Focus ON renovates with issue n.11, which marks the progress of an editorial project that keeps adding high-quality contents, topics, editors and spokespersons. The magazine starts again from Milan, a city that is changing every day and organizes its activities in thematic weeks. We’ll discover how a fork can inspire an artist and we’ll meet the Municipality to start a dialogue between the Public Administration and the events business.Do not specify content here, it will be hidden due to Popup “Anylink” option.

Magazine n'8

Tenth edition, first issue in double figures. An important objective for the magazine, which presents an interesting roundtable with communication experts, regarding what is going to happen during the year that just started. The editorial staff then peeked into Las Vegas CES, met two “behind the scenes” professionals, talked about Millennials and food…then they left for Istria, losing themselves between the pages of Mice News column. Do not specify content here, it will be hidden due to Popup “Anylink” option.